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Jellyfish Heaven

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4.68 / 5.00

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1000 x 571 px
125.4 kb

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Author Comments

The goal was to paint a picture that is soft, calm, and beautiful; just like the person I painted it for.



Rated 5 / 5 stars Nov 4, 2009

Great just Great.

You have succesfully made a soft and light peice of artwork. Gives me a great inner peace. Its almost like a pillow.(soft and light) Keep up the good work.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars Nov 2, 2009


love it although im not a big fan of jellyfishes.


Rated 5 / 5 stars Oct 29, 2009

jellyfish heaven? no sir im afraid u are incorrect

u see jellyfish live in the water. and they eat fish. so jellyfish heaven would be a giant body of water with alot of fish in it. wait, oh ya. the OCEAN. beautiful pic by the way, love the realism, the tentlcals are awesome and i like the backround.

AlvinHew responds:

Possible arguments:

1. You see humans live in apartment buildings or sometimes even in a dumpster in an alley. Are you proposing that heaven for humans is the more or less the same environment in which humans live now? So then why would it be this way for jellyfish heaven?

2. Jellyfish heaven IS a huge body of water, it's just a body of water that happens to be above the clouds. This particular jellyfish is simply passing through the clouds on its way to jellyfish heaven. The piece is called "Jellyfish Heaven" because "Jellyfish On Its Way To Jellyfish Heaven" wouldn't fit within the 30 character title limit.

3. In heaven, jellyfish can fly out of the ocean. This one has decided to explore the sky because it has never done so while on Earth.

My personal argument of choice:



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars Oct 28, 2009


I still like this one, but. If It was called "Jellyfish Heaven" my logic would explain that there would be more jellyfish. But thats nitpicking, again, great work, I only gave you a 9 though.

AlvinHew responds:

Possible reasons for why there is only one jellyfish in this painting:

1. This image follows the story of one jellyfish who has not reached the populated jellyfish heaven yet. It is currently ascending alone to its destination.

2. This is the first jellyfish ever to make it into jellyfish heaven and it is patiently waiting for the new arrivals.

3. This jellyfish has wandered away from its friends for some alone time.

Real reason:

I felt like painting just one. : þ


Rated 5 / 5 stars Oct 24, 2009


The colors and the way the clouds are made are very well done and give a subtle feeling to it, and the detail/color of the jellyfish fits in amazingly. (also this for some reason reminded me of ecco the dolphin..) As always your work never stops amazing me!

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