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4.66 / 5.00

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720 x 925 px
251.3 kb

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Author Comments

Annika's soul turns violent...

Critiques welcome.

EDIT: Okay! Updated with some of the changes people suggested to me. Feel free to tell me it still looks like crap, haha.

EDIT: Edited again with some really minor fixes.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars Oct 1, 2011


A few tweaks mentioned below like the guy's face to the left, but what I really love about this is that this can set an example to concept artists for games and shows that show female characters being too sexualized. Nothing wrong with a sexy lady protagonist, but how she's presented is what turns into an issue. Here, you can plainly see the character as fierce, and as the title says, bloodthirsty in one image, while staying attractive without the need for pandering to the usual "teen, male, hetero only interested in huge breasted girls" that a lot of mainstream artists for video games and shows do. I love the presentation. I faved and rated this a long while back, but I felt a lot of the stuff I didn't review before deserved more praise, and this is one of them. Great job.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars May 15, 2011

Found it

I'm sure i've commented on this before but i think i found a solution as to why i feel like this is off. While the foreshortening is fine, there are elements which don't seem to have been drawn according to the perspective change. For example, the knee-cap on the back, which is shaded fine, is drawn as if it's front on. based on the pose i think you want, we should not be able to see the bottom silver edge of that gold kneecap, it should almost be just a line. also, the top edges should be as fat as the kneecap itself. Secondly, while i think this is more a stylistic choice than an "error", the reason why it looks "flat" is because there is a persistent black outline around the girl from the original lineart. that line, while small, brings the entire figure into focus, even the extremities far from the 'camera'.

I still think this is incredible, the detail is amazing, but those are my critiques if you're interested.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars Mar 2, 2011


Wonderfully drawn and painted, however she does look a little stiff.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars Feb 27, 2011

Great work.

Very good art, but I think you should work on the guys face to the left a little more. The girls legs need a little work at the kneecap as well. overall, 8/10

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Rated 4 / 5 stars Feb 25, 2011


im not an artist at all but i felt like tthere was sumthing unnatural about the guys face on the left and also i felt like there was somthing wrong with her legs cant quite describe it tho but everything else looks awesome :D ( the stuff i mentioned looks awesome too but just kinda not right )