Like A Frog

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Sep 28, 2010 | 6:15 AM EDT
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Author Comments

This one is a little more surreal and conceptual compared to other things that I've drawn despite the fact that vore is involved. Still, I really like this drawing so I thought I might as well upload it here as well.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Genius. Slick, veneered genius.

I don't see this as pornography. This is more like a... release for your mind. This gives me that same feeling I get from smelling cookies in the oven; a calm, warm feeling. Like home, but with a bit more sting. Like laudanum.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

makes you think

. . . which is saying something. you've got a unique sense of style that comes through in the artwork - you can tell that a lot of thought went in to the piece. and it's not pure exposition - "this means that" etc. different people can look at the work and see different things. i'm a bit hung up on the woman and frog eaten by bird vs. fly eaten by frog-woman - there was a chance for a symmetry in having the woman and frog eaten by a giant fly, so i'm curious why you went with a bird - but that's not criticism, just thinkin' aloud. love the design of the leaves in the background and the tree trunk (or wall?) behind the costumed frog-woman. adds to the surreality.

i look forward to looking through your gallery.

Abraxa responds:

I suppose i just went with the creatures I did for the obvious reasons. Frogs eat flies, birds eat frogs. Also, if you think about it, both birds and flies are winged creatures that take to the air, no? There is some thematic symmetry there, although not entirely straight forward.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


This picture made me stop and look at it with raised eyebrows so hats off to you! Awesome!

Abraxa responds:

Glad to have you stop by! Thanks!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very Artistic

I have been trying to understand this vore like art you enjoy drawing, but I can never seem to get why people would enjoy fantasizing themselves being eaten. It could be a number of things, but I really do not want to go deep into the discussion of how it would feel good to cum while inside of a monsters belly.

Vore or not, your art seems to have a few common themes. You take the everyday fairytale with its artistic style and turn it into an adult themed story full of subliminal overtones that pull out the deepest, darkest, most perverted parts of our minds. Your art is so suggestive at points, that it can be considered full blown lolicon.

Another noticeable theme is the apparent purpose of shock value. Each picture has its own, strange and exotic features that make people go, WTF? However, for those who understand the artistic symbolism, it is very well done art with a purpose and a meaning. I like that you do not go far beyond the line of shock, however, because once you go past a certain point things just get ridiculous and the artist mistakes art for simple shock, such as having a live show where someone takes a shit on the stage. Believe it or not, but there are people who do this. I saw a documentary about a playwriter who directs plays that include extreme sexual topics, such as women spitting whip cream at eachother and proceeding to fuck. They arent even good actors its just... garbage. Luckily this is not garbage.

I have heard some people call it "pornography" I, personally, would not call it that because the purpose of pornography is to give people sexual pleasure. Just because a picture shows up on the screen with nudity, sex, or masturbation does not mean that it is pornography. I have seen plenty of art works and animations here on newgrounds that have a certain adult aspect to it, but these flashes are most certainly not pornography. Zone-sama? Thats pornography. Thats pure hentai.

Anyway, im faving. I really enjoy the originality and symbolism behind each of your pieces.

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Abraxa responds:

I think the people who have trouble "getting" the fetish take it too literally. Most stable minded people into this fetish know that the reality of it wouldn't feel pleasurable. It has something more to do with wires getting crossed between sensations and stimulus back when we were children and first exploring our sexuality. I'm sure there are plenty of different ways of experiencing and interpreting the "pleasurable" aspects of vore. But it is all very much rooted in fantasy and human mind-play.

With shock value, I do like things that shock the mind of the viewer... but it's often not just a tactic to garner "attention" from others. In many ways I depict shocking scenarios and elements for my own self. My brain gets bored if things are mundane or if I'm just trying to draw something exactly like I've seen it before. Often the bizarre element added in is what makes it fun for ME to draw. If other people get pleasure out of those weird and shocking elements of the art, that's always a nice side benefit.

I'm sure if someone found interesting ways to do a live show where people were shitting on stage or doing other weird sexual things... that might be entertaining. I suppose it would all be in the delivery, no? I know I've been bored by many things that others would consider "shocking", as well. Maybe it's not as much in "taking it too far" as much as in "taking one thing too far without other interesting things to back it up"? I dunno...

I've said it before here but "pornography" is a purely semantic concern. If the meaning of pornography is to give people sexual pleasure then maybe what I do IS pornography? I certainly draw what I do out of a sense of sexual fantasy and desire to express the pleasure of those fantasies in images. Then again, perhaps the fact that I don't just stop at simple pornography, delving into symbolism and other artistic concerns disqualifies me as a pornographer? Once again, it's a big tangled semantic mess, imo.

I'm glad you like it either way. Sorry it took me so long to respond here.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


haha well done even though idk wat it is

Abraxa responds:

A conjoined twin bird... in one stomach is a large frog... in another stomach is a naked human girl... both look somewhat similar due to the identical pose they are in. Meanwhile a girl in a frog costume has swallowed a girl in a fly costume. Does that description clear things up at all?